For drilling and workover, for well integrity and production enhancement as routine maintenance and many more

Selecting the right provider for tools and equipment in the oil and gas industry is indeed a critical decision. The market is saturated with numerous providers, each claiming to offer the best solutions.

We will provide you with tested and proven tools– the only one you would run in your well

Design, Support and Lab

The commitment to delivering a premium fluid begins with our extensive know-how, specialized design software, and a state-of-the-art professional lab at DEUTECS.

  • During Well Planning: Our expertise comes into play as we collaborate with you to design a fluid tailored to your well's unique conditions using advanced software.
  • During Well Operations: We implement our well-designed fluid when performing the job, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the field.
  • During Evaluation: Even after the job is completed, our support continues. Whether it's for routine evaluation or if you have specific inquiries, we are here to provide ongoing assistance.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you consistently receive a premium fluid solution at every stage of your well's lifecycle.

DEUTECS is committed to excellence, from planning through execution and beyond, to contribute to the success of your operations.