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Research & Development

Your ongoing operations necessitate continuous product and operational development. To align with modern technology, you seek a reliable partner who possesses expertise and is also cost-effective.

We bring our wealth of knowledge and extensive connections to assist you in meeting this challenge. Our collaborative approach involves actively encouraging you to explore new technologies and processes, with dedicated support during their implementation.

Whether it's optimizing fluids, machinery, techniques, or complex operations, we engage in thorough discussions to identify opportunities for enhancement. The aim is to improve your operations, ultimately generating cost savings and ensuring that you stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Oilwell fluids, in particularly cementing and stimulation fluids, are the most important topics to be evaluated for every project.

Way We Work

Need a help for expert?

DEUTECS will be happy to help.

Frequently, entrenched work practices persist over the years, and subtle inefficiencies go unnoticed, leading to suboptimal outcomes. The diverse experience of DEUTECS in various environments positions us to offer a fresh perspective on these longstanding methods.

Our unique vantage point allows us to critically examine existing processes and identify areas where improvements can be made. By leveraging our experience, we aim to enhance your operations, introducing novel approaches that can lead to increased efficiency and superior outcomes. Let us bring a new perspective to your established practices for continuous improvement.

The DEUTECS team is committed to enhancing your operations by visiting your field sites and gathering valuable feedback. Whether through an informal visit or a comprehensive audit, our objective is to provide insightful observations and recommendations.

During these visits, we aim to understand your processes and challenges, ensuring that the feedback collected is thorough and constructive. Subsequently, our team will work closely with your engineering department to address identified areas for improvement.

The result is a collaborative effort that may include informal suggestions or, in the case of a complete audit, a structured plan for follow-ups. Our goal is to contribute to the optimization of your operations and foster ongoing improvement.