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LCM and Reinforcement Fibers Test

Fiber Crack Resistance Test

Fibers have proved reinforcing cement when the stone is hardened. It is especially important when downhole forces during drill-out, perforation, pressure testing, etc. will act directly on the cement. Broken cement chunks may fall on top of downhole equipment, BHA and/or damage surface equipment, hence endangering the whole process.

Fiber Properties

Material: Alkali-resistant Glass
Melting temperature: above 800 °C

Electrical conductivity: Very low
Chemical resistance: Very high
Elasticity Modulus: 72 GPa
Tensile Strength: 1,700 MPa

Fiber Distribution Test

Loss circulation and cement reinforcement are one of the major issues during primary and secon-dary cementing. Alkali resistant glass fibers will ensure the efficiency and quality of the cement placed in the well. Coated and well-sized fiber filaments will distribute in the cement slurry and prevent them from losing in the cracks of the porous formation.