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Commercial Services

This is all about money.

How much weigh your money?

DEUTECS knows pricing and costs for the entire supply chain, and can be very useful to each and every customer.

There is only way and it is to tell a fair price.

DEUTECS will handle this!

Your Time vs Your Money

Need a help for expert?

DEUTECS will be happy to help.

Count your money

Based on experience, DEUTECS can tell, that there is a room for optimisation. And the matter is not that somebody may cheat, no; an optimisation has to happen at all stages:

Suppliers - Service providers - Customers


Starting from the row materials and their transport, the cost has to be thought. There are many materials and alternatives to them, suppliers have to search for a change.

Unfortunately or not, customers do not have an access beyond service providers.

This generates a lot of costs.


Many customers trying blindly push on service providers. Not exactly knowing, where it is at all possible to push.

Often, it goes beyond understanding, how quotation is being made.

Customers requires someone, who knows price/cost structure and who knows, where to push, without forcing service provider collapse.

Service Providers

Oil and Gas is well known as luxurious industry. Until recent times, nobody even thought of playing with costs.

It will not be accepted. Not any more!

Personnel, transport, stockage, processes optimisation has to become a great focus.