+   Job Design

+   DWOP, Planning the well

+   Independent View

+   Special calculations

+   Peer Review

+   Outsourcing


With our broad experience which you may rely on, for offshore and land operation, for desert and cold climate, long and short jobs, we stand in front of others.

Software designing today becomes a daily routine. Each well is so unique, not allowing for shortcuts.

Laboratory Software

With iLab fluid calculation module, we design, test and accurately log laboratory and field numbers. Fully automated and enriched with various calculations, eliminating human errors and ensures quick support of running jobs. Customers may request software in their local language and measurement units.

Need a help for expert?

DEUTECS will be happy to help.

Use common Sense and Software

DEUTECS can be as simple as using only pen and paper, or more complex using Excel and with aid of a sofisticated software simulation.

Basic Design

Pen and Paper, or may be Excel too, we will provide you with a quick desktop calculation, which you may use later in the field, without internet and deep knowledge.

Today, not many people know how it works without software!

Advanced Simulation

Using Software we will provide you with a high-end simulation.

This becomes important for the deep and hot wells, special temperature environment.

Third Party Softwares

Mechanical stresses, Expansion, Complicated Temperature simulations, Casing Collapse and Stretch, Fluid propagation, and so on.

There are many nice tools on the market.

Customer own Softwares

Many Customers have their own softwares.

It can be they have no time or no enough skills.

We can learn them quick and start using for you.