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Our extensive and diverse experience sets us apart as a reliable partner. Whether it's offshore or land operations, working in the desert or cold climates, managing long or short-duration projects, we stand at the forefront. Rely on our proven track record to bring a wealth of knowledge and adaptability to any operational environment, ensuring successful outcomes regardless of the challenges posed by the job.

Software designing today becomes a daily routine. Each well is so unique, not allowing for shortcuts.

Laboratory Software

The iLab fluid calculation module revolutionizes our approach to designing, testing, and logging laboratory and field data.

This fully automated system is enriched with a range of calculations, eliminating the risk of human errors and ensuring swift support for ongoing operations.

Use common Sense and Software

Need a help for expert?

DEUTECS will be happy to help.

DEUTECS offers a flexible range of solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a straightforward approach using pen and paper, a more advanced method utilizing Excel, or the integration of sophisticated software simulations, we adapt to your preferences. Our goal is to provide simplicity or complexity based on your requirements, ensuring a seamless and effective partnership.

Basic Design

Whether you prefer the traditional pen and paper method or utilize Excel, we can provide you with a quick desktop calculation. This way, you have a handy tool that you can use in the field, even without internet access or extensive technical knowledge. In a world increasingly reliant on software, we aim to bridge the gap and offer solutions that align with various preferences and needs.

Advanced Simulation

Utilizing advanced software, we can offer you a high-end simulation tailored to the specific challenges posed by deep and hot wells, especially in unique temperature environments.

This sophisticated simulation capability becomes crucial in accurately predicting and addressing the complex interactions and challenges associated with such specialized conditions. It ensures a comprehensive understanding of the wellbore dynamics, allowing for precise planning and execution of operations in challenging environments.

Third Party Softwares

Mechanical stresses, expansion, temperature simulations, casing collapse and stretch, fluid propagation—are crucial aspects in the realm of engineering and wellbore operations.

In addressing these complexities, the market indeed offers a variety of sophisticated tools. These tools are designed to provide accurate simulations and analyses, helping to optimize wellbore design, prevent potential issues, and ensure the overall integrity and efficiency of the drilling and completion process.

The choice of tools often depends on the specific needs of a project, the complexity of the wellbore environment, and the desired level of precision in the simulations. It's crucial to select tools that align with the unique challenges of each operation.

Customer own Softwares

It's not uncommon for many customers to have their own software solutions, whether developed in-house or obtained externally. However, the challenges often lie in the constraints of time or the need for additional skills to fully harness the capabilities of these tools.

At DEUTECS, we offer a solution. We can efficiently learn and adapt to your existing software, ensuring a quick and seamless integration into our processes. By doing so, we can leverage your preferred tools to enhance our services and contribute to the success of your projects. This collaborative approach allows us to work effectively within the parameters you've established, ensuring a cohesive and productive partnership.