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On-Site Support

The items listed on the left side indeed represent crucial and cost-effective measures in the oil and gas industry. During critical times such as summer vacations, holiday seasons like Christmas, or when dealing with inexperienced personnel or service providers, having the right support becomes paramount.

DEUTECS stands ready to assist during these challenging periods, offering expertise, skills, and a watchful eye to identify deficiencies and areas for improvement. Whether it's mitigating risks associated with inexperienced service providers, addressing skill gaps, or navigating peak vacation times, DEUTECS provides a valuable resource.

By leveraging DEUTECS' experience and capabilities, companies can enhance their operational efficiency, minimize non-productive time (NPT), reduce lost time incidents (LTI), and ensure smooth operations even during challenging periods.

Don't hesitate to call on DEUTECS to uncover deficiencies and implement effective solutions.

...before it is too late