Our team has garnered extensive experience working in both major multinational corporations and regional European companies. This exposure has equipped us with a nuanced understanding of diverse cultures and habits, which has become an integral part of our daily operations.

When engaging with you, we bring a unique ability to communicate in your language, seamlessly integrate into your work environment, and apply your methodologies. Our strength lies not only in adapting to your established practices but also in offering recommendations for optimization when necessary. This adaptability is a core competency that we take pride in, ensuring that our collaboration is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

DEUTECS brings skills and competences

  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Commercial services
  • Controlling
  • Training courses
  • On-Site Support

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Engaging in a collaborative conversation about the challenges you're facing is the first step towards finding a solution. Share your concerns with DEUTECS, and together, we can work towards resolving any issues you may be encountering. Our commitment is to foster open communication, understand your unique situation, and tailor our expertise to address your specific needs. Let's talk, and let the dialogue lead us to effective solutions.



  Research and Development

We have the expertise to streamline and enhance the development of your future products and operations. By leveraging our knowledge, the process becomes more seamless and laser-focused, resulting in higher quality outcomes at reduced costs. Explore how we can contribute to your success.

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Completion of the job doesn't mark the conclusion of our commitment.

Invoice processing can be a cumbersome task. Invoices frequently deviate from the original proposal, introducing new items and alternative calculation methods that can be perplexing.

Experience a transformative shift where this process becomes a pleasure—effortless, transparent, and cost-effective. We bring years of expertise to the table, having managed these intricacies from the other side for an extended period. Let us simplify the invoicing process for you, making it a seamless and gratifying experience.

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Benefit from our extensive experience spanning Oil and Gas, Geothermal, Storages, Disposals, and HDD operations.

Our knowledge encompasses all operation types, whether on offshore or onshore rigs, rigless setups, coiled tubing applications, HWU, or HDD—offering you a comprehensive service portfolio.

Whether it's drilling or remedial work, our full project management expertise, covering Treatment Design, Execution, and Evaluation, is at your disposal.

As independent experts, we specialize in evaluating service providers at every level. From engineering throughout the entire life cycle of the well to third-party revisions mandated by mining authorities or customers—whatever your needs, we have the expertise to address them. Simply put, you name it, and we will deliver.

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Commercial services

Consider us an integral part of your team dedicated to handling tenders and quotations from various service providers.

With years of experience, we bring a unique perspective that allows us to uncover hidden aspects often overlooked. This insight enables you to identify opportunities for cost-cutting that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Navigating through service provider quotations can be time-consuming. We streamline the process by preparing detailed reports using tools like Excel, Access, or other formats, effectively saving you valuable time.

Our support extends beyond the tender process. We assist with the necessary paperwork for authority approvals and offer expertise in dealing with public relations, particularly in specialized areas such as well integrity and environmental considerations. Let us enhance your efficiency and ensure the seamless execution of your projects.

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  On-Site support

The ongoing trend of cost-cutting has resulted in a decline in the level of field personnel experience, exacerbated by a significant knowledge outflow from our industry and a generational gap.

In response to this challenge, we offer our assistance to bridge the expertise gap. We can provide supervision and support for tasks where the risk is exceptionally high, and the cost of failure far outweighs the expense of having an additional specialist on your side. Our goal is to ensure the successful and secure execution of operations in situations where experience and expertise are crucial.

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