+   Product Development

+   Operations Improvement

+   Problem Solving

+   Safety vs Costs

+   Well Integrity Optimisation

+   Well Productivity Optimisation

Research & Development

Your continuous operation demands a products and operations development from you. In order to be in line with modern technology, you are looking for a confident partner, who knows the matter and will be also cost-effective.

We will bring all our knowledge and connections to help you with this challenge. You will be continuously prompted to try new technologies and processes and be supported at their implementation.

Fluids or machines, technique or complex operations, we will discuss opportunities to make an optimization, which will improve your operations and thus generate the cost-saving.

Oilwell fluids, in particularly cementing and stimulation fluids, are the most important topics to be evaluated for every project.

Way We Work

Need a help for expert?

DEUTECS will be happy to help.

Often the way we work for years, stays undetected and we continue to do it wrongly or not as good as it can be done. Experience of DEUTECS in the different environment will allow to look at it with a new perspective.

DEUTECS team will be visiting your field sites and collect feedback, which will be then addressed to your engineering.  It can be either informal visit or a complete audit, where you ultimately will be advised for setting a follow ups.